About Us


 Aria's Planet is a non profit organization inspired by Aria a 5 year old who is diagnosed with DDX3X a rare genetic disorder. It was thought that Aria had Cerebral Palsy due to her Intellectual disability and body tone. Aria has taken a great interest in Music. I found that Music Therapy soothes her and a change in her personality has been noticed as well. Aria's Planet mission is to organize community events that create a safe place for special needs children and their families to engage in activities that expose them to the arts while also developing support groups for parents.

We believe in strengthening special needs parents by providing an outlet for them to meet parents that can relate to their daily challenges. 


Quarterly Events

Our events are held Quarterly at local Parks and Recreation Centers, restaurants and businesses that support the community. Visit our events page to view photos from our past events. 


Parent Corners

Laugh, cry, yell and release all the stress that comes along with raising a special needs child. We support you, encourage you and will always uplift you throughout your journey because we are you!